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A Halloween riddle for you: what's spooky-real and haunting us all right now?

Yep, climate change.

But guess what? Humanity's resilience is real, too.

Together we can make a positive impact for the better, and start living greener in big ways and actually very easy ways. While the silver-sky lining of the pandemic slowed us all down and gave us temporarily cleaner air for a bit, we're too legit to quit that positive trend toward a happier, healthier earth.

So, here are 5 tricks to treat the earth a little sweeter:

Enjoy window to table.

Whether you have acres or just a window sill, you can still grow some of your own food. You can start with herbs, and work your way up to vegetables and fruit. This helps cut down on synthetic fertilizers and transportation energy costs.

The laundry quandary.

Did you know that 75% of the energy needed to do laundry goes into warming the water? If you wash your clothes in cold water, you’ll use less energy, your clothes will last longer, and with many detergents now it’s just as effective in cleaning.

Dude, stop wasting food.

That half-eaten rotisserie chicken eventually converts to methane, which has a whopping 34 times the effect on global warming compared to CO2. Every person on the planet wastes hundreds of pounds of food every year.

Pull the plug on things that power up.

Nearly 15% of U.S. greenhouse emissions come from equipment and appliances in off, sleeping, or standby mode because they’re still drawing power. That’s 1 billion tons of CO2! Done using it? Just pull the plug. Easy.

Lawn gone.

Lawns use billions of gallons of gas for mowers and billions of pounds of pesticides. Conserve water by converting your lawn into a garden and/or using xeriscape methods so that little irrigation is needed. Some states even give cash rebates!