how to meet any
uncertainty like a badass

Fear is a four letter word.

It's a killer, and it makes us do silly, silly things. In the grip of fear, we'll often jump to all those dramatic moments we've seen in Hollywood movies or we'll rely on myths that many people keep believing, even though they do more harm than good.

When you aren't prepared for them, natural disasters can scare the heck out of you. In the thick of the chaos they can cause, it's easy to let fear creep in, and then panic. Then you find yourself eating random things off the ground just because you saw an animal do it. If that weird mushroom is safe for that wild deer, it's safe for me, right!? Nope.

The best thing we can do to make sure fear doesn't make a fool out of us is to arm ourselves with knowledge and confidence.

NOPE: Rub frostbitten skin.

Frostbite causes ice crystals to form in your skin and other tissues, so when you rub frostbitten skin it can cause more cells to be destroyed. You've gotta warm up slowly with blankets and warm water bottles under your armpits.

NOPE: GPS will save you.

A wildfire is ablaze, you evacuate, and then you run out of batteries. No power outlet or soul in sight. Remember paper maps? Having those along with a compass (and knowing how to use it) can save you when your phone gives up.

NOPE: Suck venom from snakes bites.

Being a temporary vampire will only cause more trauma and introduce harmful bacteria from your mouth into the wound. So get to a hospital ASAP, keep the heart rate low, and hold the affected limb below the heart.

NOPE: Fans always cool you down.

If you live in a super dry climate, and the temperature rises above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, fans can make you hotter. This makes you more susceptible to heat stroke. Get to A/C and shade; drink plenty of cool water.

NOPE: Stand in the doorway during a quake.

Doorways don't protect you from falling debris. Instead, immediately DROP to the ground, COVER your head and neck with your hands, & HOLD. It's even better if you can do this under a sturdy piece of furniture.