how to meet any
uncertainty like a badass

Ham & cheese. Peanut butter & jelly. Heat waves & blackouts?

Some things just seem to go together. Without fail, a heat wave will come along and push our power grid to the limit, and then its best friend, a blackout, will follow.

Here’s another pairing that goes quite well together: expectation & preparation.

We can expect blackouts to happen, so it makes sense to prepare for them. Simple. And if your daily life has ever been knocked out by a power blackout, then you know what it’s like to be left in the dark. You feel suddenly helpless in many ways, but then, a light switches on and you learn some things in the process.

5 things you realize when you experience your first blackout:

Meet the stinky meat.

You're sitting there watching Netflix and, poof! Pitch black - including your fridge, threatening all of your tasty food inside. So always have a lot of ice packs and ice stocked in your freezer ready to transfer to your fridge.

Candles are romantic for about 5 minutes.

There's something beautiful about enjoying a dinner by candlelight, but there's a reason we have ample lights now: so we can easily see! Make sure you've got flashlights, lanterns, and plenty of batteries.

Neighbors are actually nice.

The silver lining of blackouts is that they often force you to talk to people and get to know them. It feels good knowing you're not alone in the dark. So don't wait for the power to go out. Get to know the people who live near you now.

This future we live in is fragile.

We've all got lots of gadgets, but the moment you take power away from them, they're useless - and our good friend google is out of reach. It's always good to have battery powered chargers ready.

When the lights come back on it's time to prepare for the next one.

The biggest epiphany you have is that stress and inconvenience can actually be avoided. You live and hopefully learn that preparing for uncertainty is a step-by-step, easy process.