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The Pandemic is Coming

Well, it's already here, but winter is coming on top of that. The cooler and colder months normally mean more clothes, more time inside, more people sick, and more sedentary activities. All that stirred with our pandemic new norm does not make for a very tasty holiday cocktail.

But remember, "bad" weather doesn't exist if you're "good" about getting ready for it.

Our pandemic summer taught us many things to help us prepare for what's next.

Here are 5 ways to prepare for a pandemic winter:

Don't forget to play.

Stay active. Stay healthy. Move. Play. Switch from building sand castles with your kids to building snowmen. Go on that rejuvenating run with 40 layers of clothing. Before you cuddle by the fire, cuddle with some dumbbell curls.

Not a (flu) shot in the dark.

We've all forgotten our flu shots before, but this year they're especially vital. Viruses spread more in winter, so any form of defense you can give your body the better. We might have to fight a rise in both flu and COVID-19.

Work like a boss.

For millions, working from home will continue for months more, so start transforming wherever you work in your home into a comfortable mini-office. Instead of sitting on your bed, convert a table into a back-friendly standing desk.

Just a spoonful of whatever you need.

Now's the time to check your cabinets, and stock up on any medicines you normally use in winter. Check expiration dates! You can even ask your health insurance for a 90-day emergency supply of your prescriptions.

Be kind to yourself.

While nurturing close friendships with zoom happy hours or outdoor hot cocoa meet-ups is key, you've gotta also take care of you. If you've never tried meditation or therapy, now would be a great time to nurture more self-awareness.