how to meet any
uncertainty like a badass

There's no "I" in Ready

Until we can figure out how to control the weather with a hail-stopping, fire-harnessing, flood-evaporating magic wand, we’ve got the next best thing:

The harbor app has launched in the iOS app store. Download now!

While we can’t control the weather, we can control how we prepare for it. And not just the weather, but also any risk that you and your family may face. Car trouble? Home hazards? Common health mishaps? We got you.

And remember, it’s not a race, but a personal journey of amping up your readiness, at your own pace. While creating this readiness platform, we realized one thing above all: preparing for anything is so much more enjoyable together.

That’s why we're excited to share 5 features out of many you’ll find in the harbor app:

Less like school, more like recess.

harbor is partly a gamified learning platform, sure, but we built it in such a way so it feels like a little bit of leisurely kickball, not a final exam. Move up your readiness badges when ya can, and you’ll be more prepared than most.

Readiness is power.

Maybe you’ll enjoy a step-by-step guide to earthquake-proofing your bedroom, or choosing the right kinds of food for an emergency supply, or walking through heatwave tips. We’re giving you bite-sized, expert-backed readiness wisdom.

The just-in-case all in one place.

With harbor’s Household feature you can store all your important documents like IDs, insurance info, medical records, and even wills. Plus, keep track of supplies, emergency contacts, and safe locations - even when offline.

A plan for when anything hits the fan.

We’ve got this nifty thing called Emergency mode that will tell you no-nonsense, no-frills actions for what to do in the chaotic moment of a destructive natural event. Stuck in your car during a hurricane? We got you.

We're evolving with you.

People change. Risks change. Our planet is clearly changing too. So we want you to know that we’re committed to adding more insight, tips, and tricks to our readiness platform as climate change continues to affect us more and more.