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Trick-or-treat yourself to hand sanitizer?

Yeah that just does NOT have the same fun ring to it. Boo. With rising Covid-19 cases across the country, Halloween seems particularly spooky this year.

Halloween is a reminder that when we connect with one another and use our imagination, we don’t have to be afraid of anything. We can be a wizard or a superwoman or really anything if we want. But what do we do when there’s an actual monster lurking in a cough or a sneeze?

As the leaves change in many parts of the country, and just as we’re dreaming up the best costumes, we’re going to have to change too and get just as devilishly creative in the ways we stay safe.

So, here are 5 ways to creep it real this Halloween:

Ghouls just wanna have fun.

One lower risk idea that the CDC recommends is doing an outdoor scavenger hunt with close friends or family around the neighborhood. You could still dress up, and you could celebrate with homemade witchy treats.

Be a hero with a mask.

Superman never wore a mask, and we knew he was Clark Kent all along. So this year you might as well add one. Incorporating cloth masks into your costume is a must-have if you’re attending any events around groups of people.

Hold a fang-tastic outdoor movie night.

Set up a projector in someone's back yard or in the park, give families plenty of space to spread out on blankets, bring the candy corn, and then sit back, relax, and scream as much as you bloody want at Dracula.

Carve pumpkins, eat, drink, and be scary.

Pumpkin carving is always fun and wholesome - especially if you roast those delicious pumpkin seeds too. Have a family carving party or host one for neighbors with carving stations 6 feet a part.

Trick-or-treating trick.

For highest risk activities like trick-or-treating, use hand sanitizer often and create an outdoor station of pre-wrapped bags for kids to walk-up and grab-n-go to minimize human interaction. And get lanterns to light spooky paths!