how to meet any
uncertainty like a badass

This week we're getting philosophical on you.

No matter how great you are or are becoming, you still need a new perspective from time-to-time, especially in uncertain times.

You need no reminder of the laundry list of what 2020 has thrown at all of us. So, let this be a breather. A lil' YOU-minute to stop, take a big breath, and say "everything is going to be alright. I am alive. We got this."

Here are 5 quotes to remind you that you can weather any storm:

Maybe you're facing a tornado of toilet paper hoarders at the store. You can either sulk down the aisle or dance down the aisle to whatever you need next. One just feels better.

Maybe you're embarking on installing storm shutters or a DIY project that feels daunting. Remember, the brightest minds the world has ever known fully support your journey.

Maybe everything lately is just getting to you and you want to scream. Before you go to any extreme, just know that a cute, powerful green alien is here for you with his wisdom.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with it all. All you can do is prepare for life, one step at a time.

Maybe you feel like you've gotta be where he is or she is. The truth is, you're exactly where you need to be right now. You've got this.