It’s a Tale of Two Storms

Unprecedented Weather

This kinda feels like an 80’s Doublemint Gum commercial, but believe it or not, the Gulf of Mexico could see two hurricanes at the same time swirling together on their way to ravage a coastline or two early this week.

According to The Weather Channel, both Laura and Marco could make landfall early next week, possibly at the same time. Since we began recording hurricanes and their war paths, the only other times two dueling hurricanes showed up in the Gulf together were in 1959 and 1933. So, pretty crazy stuff is happening right now.

But what does this mean for you?

If you’re not in the path of these horrible windy-rainy twinsies, then it’s easy to think that they don’t matter because they won’t affect your life. The truth is though, no matter where you live, Mother Nature has a history of surprising us - and humbling us.

No matter where you live, you are most definitely susceptible to some form of natural disaster. And if there’s anything this pandemic has taught us it’s that we live in an insanely interconnected world. What affects some of us affects all of us. We’ve gotta help each other out always.

So let your story be a tale of always preparing well.

Getting ready for an impending natural disaster can be kinda scary - well, scary as hell. But what alleviates a lot of worry is step-by-step preparation. And if a storm or two storms at once are actually on their way to where you live, here’s what you can do right now to maybe not double your pleasure, but at least double your readiness:

Double your information.

Stay informed with weather apps, the local radio or TV stations, as well as the NOAA weather broadcast every 30 minutes. Having a battery powered radio is important in case you’re left without power or cell service.

Double your supplies.

If you’ve gotta evacuate, you’re gonna need a Go Bag with all your essentials for each of your family members, including change of clothes, important documents, non-perishable food, regular prescriptions, and anything else you’ll need to skip town or head to a shelter.

There are some great Go Bags out there that you can purchase all good-to-go, and to make your own go-bag download the harbor app, coming soon.

Double your home’s defenses.

Walk around your property now and bring in anything inside that you don’t want destroyed by rains, winds, or floods, and if you’ve got sand bags and storm shutters, now’s the time to get those babies ready, friend!

Double your family’s safety.

Whether you leave town, evacuate to a community shelter, or shelter-in-place to ride out the storm (sorry, storms plural), just make sure you’re making an informed decision that keeps your family’s well-being as top priority. Just to be doubly honest, things can always be replaced, family cannot.

So wherever you are today, be well. Be calm. Be smart. Don’t be scared, just focus on being more than prepared. You got this.