20 Positive Things You Can Say to Yourself for a Pick-Me-Up in the Middle of a Disaster

Thoughts are very, very powerful.

What we choose to think determines how we feel, which then determines our actions in both calm situations and stressful ones. So what we choose to think has the amazing ability to help us handle tough situations in a more positive way.

This idea that positive thinking can create more positive outcomes isn’t a new one. Many wisdom traditions and thinkers from Buddha to Oprah to modern psychologists have all touted the power we have within ourselves to increase more joy in our lives - choosing good thoughts. 

If you’re feeling positive emotions, you’re more likely to be active, engage with others, try new things, and think about solutions to problems.

That’s exactly where we want you to be in the middle of any emergency or natural disaster: focusing on the positive so that you can focus more on keeping your family safe and believing that’s completely possible, no matter what minor or major catastrophe you may be facing.

Hurricane on the way? Earthquake just happened? Flood waters rising? Power and heat go out? Whatever you’re going through, when your mind goes to the negative, come back to this list and say each one out loud so that you can see the beautiful light in any dark moment.

20 Positive Pick-Me-Ups for Hard Times

1. I’m going to survive this and thrive from this.

2. I am balanced through stressful situations.

3. I choose to be confident and happy.

4. I breathe in strength, I breath out negative thoughts.

5. I can do this.

6. I am safe and protected.

7. I am present. My presence is my power.

8. I am learning from being outside of my comfort zone.

9. I am shifting my focus from fear to gratitude.

10. I am powerful.

11. I will not let my anxious thoughts have power over me.

12. I am calm and relaxed in every situation.

13. I am courageous and stand up for myself and my family.

14. I am doing the best I can, and that’s a beautiful thing.

15. I let go of doubt and hopelessness.

16. I am full of radiant health, my family is too.

17. I am my own hero.

18. I am grateful for my family and friends.

19. I attract and create solutions in the midst of chaos.

20. I am allowing myself to relax now.

Just remember, we’re all human. Though thoughts are just as powerful as natural disasters, we can still get overwhelmed no matter how many good thoughts we choose. Stress and anxiety are common reactions during a disaster and after. So sometimes when positive thinking just doesn’t work, it might be time to chat with someone to find your center once again.

Here’s one out of many resources out there. The Disaster Distress Helpline is a 24/7, 365-day-a-year, national hotline dedicated to providing immediate crisis counseling for people who are experiencing emotional distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster. 

You can call or text 1-800-985-5990 to connect with a trained crisis counselor.